Tuesday, October 25, 2022

💥Redmi 9a Frp Remove

✅Redmi 9a Frp Remove

✅Recovery Method

⏩ requirement 

It must be Android version 11

It's not just 9a, there will be other models as well

(Speaking of context

Unfortunately, it's Redmi7

Auth loader is still running

Although there are recovery holes

Because the highest Android version is 10

Recovery port doesn't work again)..

❇️Unlock Tool

❇️ What can you do with Mst Tool?

Now with Unlock Tool

🩸Open the Unlock Tool



Click on 🩸RECOVERY

▶️ Call Recovery on the phone

Click on ▶️Assistant

▶️Put on the rope

From 🩸Unlock Tool


💥Frp Lock will be deleted