Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Mi 6x [ Wayne ]_Convert Global Rom 100% Tested

Model Name - Mi 6x 

Product Nane -Wayne

Rom - Global

👉 China to Global exchange history

Bl Unlock in the past


Eu busy boy

Now the duration is about 15 minutes

You can ask to sit and wait

First of all

🩸 Unlock Bl from 9008

🩸Retry from Fastboot

🩸Then write Global Rom from 9008

✅ Done

In my video

I don't want to be right

I went with Fastboot To Edl

(can be done with Mst)

▶️ Firmware Link

Google_Drive [ 2.6GB ]

Mediafire_Drive [ 2.6GB ]

▶️ Video Link